4-star hotel historic centre of Capri

4-star hotel historic centre of Capri. The refined elegance of an incomparable reality

The prestigious 4-star hotel historic centre of Capri La Residenza” is the combination of classicism and modernity, tradition and innovation, capable of wrapping the guests in the holiday atmosphere, but imbued with class and style that have always been one of stylistic traits of the little village.
The structure is just a few meters, passable with a pleasant walk from the ancient part of the site, divided into two groups consisting of small houses, with courtyards not large, and covered with typical vaults.

4-star hotel historic centre of Capri. The unmissable proposals for a stay to remember.

The Vie Serafina, S. Aniello, l’Abate and Posterla on one side, and the north zone behind Piazza Umberto I, with the church of S. Maria delle Grazie on the other, they create a charming and picturesque maze of narrow streets that form the oldest glimpse of the place, full of memories, traditions and stories.
Our building, perfect for a weekend in Campania, is ideal to live your summer holiday and to discover a site of great charm, through which to explore the inmost soul of the area, enjoying the traditional dishes or find souvenirs not to miss.


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