Museum reservations in Capri

Museum reservations in Capri. Discovering local history.

The museum reservations of Capri is one of the most important services offered by the cozy hotel for families La Residenza”, which is essential for a holiday marked only by the pleasure of wonderful contexts, magical atmospheres and by the knowledge of an artistic heritage of great value.
The tour of the most famous cultural sites, little big jewels, begins from Anacapri, with the beautiful Villa San Michele, where it is possible to visit the home of Swedish doctor Alex Munthe, whose passion we have the magnificent collections of artifacts and frescoes.

Museum reservations in Capri. The charm of the past to know during a sightseeing of the island

The journey continues with the Barbarossa Castle, a fortress which today has become a point of research and study of migratory birds.
The picturesque "Red House", once the home of Colonel Mackowen, which hosts numerous exhibitions and events, while the marvelous Certosa di San Giacomo is the backdrop to the museum built in honor of the German painter Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. 
Finally, near the Piazzetta there is the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio, with rooms devoted to botany, zoology and archeology.


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