Typical products

Typical products of Capri. To the discovery of the gastronomic pearls.

The typical products of Capri, and of the entire regional context, represent the cornerstones of the rich local cuisine, a riot of flavours and colours that occupy a position of absolute prestige in the cultural history of Campania.
The restaurant of the hotel for families "La Residenza" is the perfect corner through which let to conquer by the fine taste of authentic symbols of the place, such as the classic and incomparable mozzarella, used from starters to second courses, or precious extra virgin olive oil, which, togheter with the tomato, they give life to the simple and sublime "Caprese".

Typical products of Capri. A trip not to be missed among the best in the proposals in the area.

Besides the inevitable fish, here are the characteristics and beautiful lemons of the Amalfi Coast, the starting point for creating the excellent "limoncello".
Gragnano pasta, ricotta cheese and caciocavallo, tomatoes, artichokes, but also cickpeas and beans are among the excellence of the region  to be used in the creation of insuperable dishes, while chestnuts, hazelnuts and figs embody the true joker to be used in any type of dish.


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