Paths in Capri

Paths in Capri, pure air and fascinating glimpses.

The numerous paths in Capri provide an unmissable opportunity to approach to a less noisy and more savage place of the island, a set of contexts with an almost wild charm that are perfect for long walks practicable all year.
Armed with a backpack and a good supply of water, you can penetrate in the Mediterranean Macchia, remaining enchanted for the amazing combination of colours that you meet on the street, from the green of vegetation, to the turquoise of the sea and the white of limestone walls ready to mix continuously.


Paths in Capri, an appointment with the environment for holidays in the nature.

Each of the paths in Campania, every route and travel are absolutely ideal for lovers of holidays in the nature who will be able to combine the pleasure of hiking with the knowledge of the cultural heritage and landscape of the territory.
The itinerary of the "Fortini Borbonici" leads us from the "Blue Grotto" to "Punta Carena" admiring the defensive structures built over time; the Phoenician Steps, Anginola and Passetiello connect us with the little village of Anacapri; from here, you may proceed to the Solaro Mount and enjoy the Belvedere della Migliera. 



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