The beaches of Capri

The beaches of Capri, a dip in the most enchanting glimpses of southern Italy

The beaches of Capri represent the other face of a chic and sophisticated relax weekend at a few steps from our 4-star hotel. If the "Piazzetta" is the hangout for breakfast or an elegant evening, the picturesque coast is the ideal destination during the hottest hours.
The panoramic Via Krupp leads us to the quiet and secluded little beach, with a spectacular views over the "Faraglioni".
The biggest beach of the island is "Marina Grande", marked by the alternation of light sand and pebbles, with the direct gaze toward the unmistakable lines of Vesuvius and the beautiful promenade of over one hundred metres surrounded by towering headlands.

The beaches of Capri, the taste of summer by hand.

In the northern part, history and beauty come together in the "Bagni di Tiberio", with the presence of the favorite residence of Octavian Augustus, the Palatium.
The sun worshipers cannot give up the terraces of the "Faro di Punta Carena", near the marine of Anacapri, kissed by the sun until sunset.
Finally "Gradola", which, with its marvelous sea, coves and cliffs overlooking the water, allow to approach to one of the wilder parts of the territory, at a short distance from the Blue Grotto.


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