Trekking in Capri

Trekking in Capri, fresh air and dream scenery.

The trekking in Capri is one of the most enjoyable activities to do in this magnificent territory, perfect to descend in the sparkling atmosphere, embellished with brilliant colours, characteristics fragrances and distinctive landscapes of incomparable beauty.
The numerous practicable trails for trekking in Campania offer the possibility to choose the trail that best suits your own skills and physical form, offering a varied and complex choice, but always of great spectacle and charm.
Among this, there is the path of "Passatiello", with stunning views of the "Faraglioni", "Scoglio delle Sirene", "Castle of Castiglione", "Vesuvius", and a visit to the Hermitage of S. Maria a Cetrella.

Trekking in Capri, relax and fun.

A walk along the Solaro Mount is ideal for a weekend in the nature and to admire the rich flora and fauna of the area, to observe the elegance of the peregrine falcon or to listen to the sounds of the countryside.
The road of the forts of Orrico, Mesola and Pino, challenging but of high visual impact, allows to know the military fortifications erected by the British during the XIX century, while a tour of the ancient Villas permit to breathe the pomp and majesty of the place.


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