The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, to the discovery of a lovely context.

The Blue Grotto is perhaps the quintessential symbol of Capri, one of the more vivid and strong images present in the collective imaginary.
This authentic masterpiece of nature, absolutely to discover during a weekend in Campania in our 4-star hotel with swimming pool is located in the municipality of Anacapri and it takes about 10 minutes by boat leaving from Marina Grande.
The 60 meters long and 25 wide, of what in antiquity was a sea nymph, they create a spectacle of incomparable beauty, a breathtaking experience, ready to leave you speechless.

The Blue Grotto, a scenery of great impact and many suggestions

The cave entrance with a width of 2 m. and 1 m. of high, allows access only while lying on the bottom of small rowing boats.
Once inside, you will be totally enraptured by a perfect mix of colours and sensations, with the characteristic blue, with the aim to illuminate the walls around you.
The peculiarity of coloration is the presence of a underwater window that filters the sun, blocking the red and letting the blue, in addition to silver reflections of objects situated on the seabed.


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