The Forts of Capri

The Forts of Capri, a spectacular location to enjoy and discover a wonderful world

The Forts of Capri are old watchtowers built in the western part of the island, in the section between the Blue Grotto and the Punta Carena Lighthouse.
These traces of the presence of French and English, offer the possibility to approach to one of the wildest stretches of land, very charming, full of colours and shades, with views of breathtaking landscapes and ideal trails for hiking.
The Fort of Pine, made on medieval remains, is the eldest of the three. It also has an underground cistern to collect rain water and a small barracks.

Forts of Capri, an exciting journey.

Among the forts, that of Mesola was created in the area of Campetiello. During the excavations, inside it emerged tuff and lava stones also adopted by the ancient Romans. Today it houses the only refreshment point for the itinerary of trekking in Campania, with a total duration of three hours.
The bastion of Orrico is the most steeped in history, because right from here, in 1808, left the Gioacchino Murat’s attack to snatch it to the British. A few minutes’ walk brings us to the bay of "Gradola", perfect for a dip in the sea.


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