The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp

The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp, corners of paradise to discover.

The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp are among the most picturesque and characteristic places of the whole island. Both built at the behest of the German magnate of steel, they are a must destination to enjoy the beautiful local scenery and take extraordinary photos.
The Gardens of Augustus, located at a short distance from the "Piazzetta" and the 4-star hotel, date back to the 1930 and, through the spectacular terraces overlooking the sea, they create a botanic garden in the open air, with genistas, dahlias, geraniums, pines, junipers, oaks and palms.

The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp, Mediterranean colours and scents.

Via Krupp is instead a true masterpiece, one of the most charming and particular streets of the world, made on the principles of the twentieth century, to link the Marina Piccola with the Certosa di San Giacomo.
The result is a fascinating and crazy work, a long series of tight hairpins, carved in the rock on a project of the engineer Emilio Mayer, which can be defined a very example of modern art.
A view not to be missed, ideal for a unique experience of trekking in Campania as well as to indulge in the boundless beauty of a landscape to frame.


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