The Municipality of Anacapri

The Municipality of Anacapri, a jewel to be discovered.

The Municipality of Anacapri is located in the western part of the island, perched on the northern side of the area’s highest peak, the Solaro Mount, with its 586 m.
"Capri above", as it was called by the Greeks, is a charming little village with a history of considerable importance, as evidenced by the numerous remains of Roman times. One of the most splendid periods was the one between the XIX and XX centuries, with many European artists who elected it as their second home, essential to rest and regain the lost inspiration.

The Municipality of Anacapri, a shining pearl to live fully.

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Besides the famous "Blue Grotto", situated right in its territory, there is the “Punta Carena Lighthouse”, the unique "Casa Rossa" with its permanent exhibition of paintings with works devoted to the reality of the area, Castello Barbarossa, the Sentiero dei Fortini, the Belvedere della Migliera, the Villas Damecuta and San Michele, the church of St. Sophia, the Boffe, the Phoenician Steps and the Philosophical Park.


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