The Villas of Capri

The Villas of Capri, luxury and elegance.

The characteristics villas of Capri are among the most interesting cultural centres of the island, centers of interest of high-impact, perfect for an unforgettable tour of gardens and historical finds.
Our cultural weekend in Campania, during a stay at 4-star hotel "La Residenza", it cannot not to start from the ancient buildings of the Emperor Tiberius, who chose this environment to retire from political life, by building twelve houses of absolute fascination.
The main one is Jovis, built in the first century A.D. on an area of over 7000 square meters, with direct gaze toward the Gulf of Naples.

The villas of Capri, the flavour of the past.

In the northern part of the territory, there are the Damecuta house, once full of fillers, decorations, works and marble floors in whose there are also the neighborhood lookout and the tower. 
The Swedish doctor Alex Munthe, instead, is the protagonist of the story of Villa San Michele, situated in one of the most scenic corner of Anacapri, and erected on the ruins of a Roman empire and creating a chapel. The result is an imaginative and attractive mix of Romanesque and medieval, enriched by a magnificent collection which also includes Egyptian and Etruscan artifacts.


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